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February 2024 Tech Integration Newsletter Unveiled: Embracing Safer Internet Practices & Innovation in Education

In our continuous quest to blend technology seamlessly into educational practices, the February 2024 edition of the Tech Integration Newsletter is here, brimming with the latest resources, insights, and tools. This issue is particularly special as it not only provides invaluable tech tidbits but also commemorates Safer Internet Day, celebrated with enthusiasm across the globe. Click on the image below to open a pdf of the whole newsletter

Celebrating Safer Internet Day

  • Global Participation: Over 5500 educators and students participated in this year's Safer Internet Day, underscoring the global commitment to creating a safer digital world. This initiative emphasizes the importance of digital citizenship and the collective responsibility to foster a secure online environment.

Tech Tidbits: Spotlight on FigJam

  • FigJam for Educators: Discover how FigJam can be an essential tool for interactive and collaborative teaching. This digital whiteboard brings creativity and efficiency to your educational toolkit, enabling real-time collaboration and brainstorming among students and teachers alike.

Introducing "Integrate This! Podcast"

  • Engage with Experts: Stay tuned to our podcast series, "Integrate This!" where we delve into conversations with educational technology leaders. These discussions cover a broad range of topics, from innovative teaching methods to the latest tech tools that are reshaping education.

Future-Proof Your Skills with AI Prompt Engineering

  • RAFT Technique: Learn about the RAFT (Role, Audience, Format, Tone) prompt engineering technique, a method designed to enhance your teaching strategies and engage students in creative writing and critical thinking exercises.

The First Five: A Dive into Digital Literacy

  • Resource for Educators: The "First Five" initiative offers practical tips and strategies to promote digital literacy in the classroom. This segment aims to prepare students for the complexities of the digital age, emphasizing critical thinking and responsible internet usage.

5 Must-Watch Video Sources for Science Teachers

  • Visual Learning: We've compiled a list of five exceptional video resources for science educators, including Twig Science Reporter and TED Ed, to enrich your curriculum with engaging and educational content that brings science to life.

This newsletter is a treasure trove of knowledge for educators eager to integrate technology into their teaching practices more effectively. From celebrating safer internet practices to exploring innovative tools like FigJam and diving deep into the realms of digital literacy and AI prompt engineering, there's something for every educator committed to enhancing their digital pedagogy.

Dive Deeper and Stay Connected To explore these topics further and to stay ahead in the fast-evolving landscape of educational technology, make sure to read the full February 2024 Tech Integration Newsletter. And remember, your feedback and suggestions are always welcome as we continue to explore the intersection of technology and education together.

For more details and to access the complete newsletter, visit

Stay informed, stay inspired, and let's transform education together.

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