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Integrate This! Podcast

Hold onto your hats, folks! David Berner (from SWWC Service Co-op) and Jeremy Mikla (ECMECC) have launched a fresh and funky EdTech Podcast called "Integrate This!" Each week, we'll be dropping new episodes chock-full of tech tools, tips, and trends to transform your teaching game!

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YouTube Channel

Episodes Released each Thursday

Subscribe to Integrate This! The essential podcast for educators and tech enthusiasts. Join Jeremy Mikla and David Berner, your guides to the intersection of technology and education, as they explore the latest in EdTech tools, tips, and trends.



Episodes 1.1 and 1.2

The first episodes of the podcast series tackle a couple of cool features of ChatGPT 4 (the paid version). Episode 1.1: Learning in Pictures demonstrates how to use Images with the AI powers of ChatGPT. Episode 1.2: Do It Yourself: GPT Builder discusses how to create your won GPT bots designed for specific "educational" tasks.

MagicSchool AI


Episodes 1.3 and 1.4

Episode 1.3: The Sorcerer's Guide to Magic School is the first of a 2 part series on using MagicSchool AI and releases on Dec. 14. This is an overview of the site and give some helpful tips about how to use MagicSchool to improve teacher instruction and student learning. Episode 1.4: the second drop of the series on MagicSchool releases on Dec. 21. It focuses on lesson plan development using MagicSchool at both elementary and high school levels.

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