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EWCMECC E-Rate Support


(Updated 1/11/2022)

**NOTE: The Funding Year 2022 471 filing window is open! It runs from January 12th, 2022  through March 22nd, 2022. (ALL 471 applications must be completed by the end of this day to be considered for funding!)

**NOTE: The FY2022 Form 470 is available now. The FCC Form 470 must be certified in EPC at least 28 days before the close of the filing window for the funding year in which services are requested. The effective deadline for 470’s is February 21st, 2022.

**NOTE: The administrative window for FY22 is now CLOSED. Any administrative changes will now need to be done through client services or the RAL process.

These are items you would normally take care of during the open administrative window. If you need to do any of these now, you must call client services or make the changes through the RAL process when filing your Form 471.

  • Verify that your FCC Registration Number (FCC RN) is correct. If your application includes child entities (individual schools in a school district or library branches in a library system), you do not need FCC RNs for those child entities.

  • Review your address and contact information and make any necessary updates. If you have child entities, review and update their information as well.

  • Check that entity names match those in the MDE Special Populations spreadsheet and/or MDE-ORG

  • *** Guidance on what to use for FY22 student numbers. *** You may keep the enrollment and NSLP numbers that you used last year.

Form 470 requests for service may be completed at any time. You do NOT need to wait for the filing window to open. You always need to wait at least 28 days from the date of filing the 470 before you may select a vendor and sign a contract.

The E-rate Productivity Center (EPC) is where all E-rate forms are filed. When each district enters their free/reduced lunch information, it becomes available to any consortia that the district is part of. It is important that districts enter this information as quickly as possible to allow all relevant applications to be completed. Please use the ***waiting for guidance*** MDE data for free/reduced lunch numbers as well as enrollment numbers for Category 2. This will be the most accurate data available as of the opening of the FY2022 window.

So… below are spreadsheets that include all of the information you will need for you schools when updating your entity information. Archival information from prior years is provided in case of audit or appeals need.


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