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Exciting News! March 2024 Tech Integration Newsletter Released!

We're thrilled to announce the release of the March 2024 edition of our Tech Integration Newsletter, curated with passion and precision for the educators striving to stay at the forefront of technological innovation in education. This issue is packed with insights, resources, and tools designed to empower you and your teaching. Click on the image below to open a pdf of the whole newsletter.

Dive into AI with Our Free Course for Educators

  • AI for Educators: A must-have course for any teacher looking to integrate AI into their curriculum. Spread over four comprehensive modules, this 4-hour journey will take you from the basics of AI to its application in education, ensuring you're not just ready but excited to bring AI into your classroom.

Revolutionizing Security: The End of the Password Era

  • The Future of Security: Explore the insights from Valentin Vasilyev, CTO of Fingerprint, on moving beyond traditional passwords. Discover the alternatives like biometrics, password managers, and more, marking a pivotal shift in how we think about digital security.

Enhancing Media & Digital Literacy

  • Media Literacy Guide: Our newsletter includes a downloadable guide from Britannica Education, offering top tips for fostering media literacy among students. Learn how to value expertise, evaluate objectivity, and fight false information—crucial skills in today's digital age.

Accessibility Tools: Breaking Down Barriers

  • Chromebooks and iOS Devices: We share easy-to-follow instructions on activating text-to-speech features, making digital content more accessible to all students, reinforcing our commitment to inclusivity in education.

Reading Resources: Engaging Digital Apps

  • From Bookshare to Prodigy English, discover an array of online reading programs and apps designed to make learning more interactive and fun for students, reinforcing critical reading skills with innovative technology.

Expert Insights: Unpacking AI in Education

  • Tech Tidbits & Potpourri: Don't miss out on our segment featuring Miguel Guhlin's strategies and insights on integrating AI tools into teaching, along with a sneak peek into "The Achievery," an online platform by AT&T and Warner Bros., dedicated to creative educational content.

AI Tools to Explore

  • Get hands-on with Generative AI tools offering free trials. Whether it's creating AI-generated videos, voiceovers, or visual assets, these tools open up new possibilities for creativity and engagement in your teaching.

Subscribe and Stay Updated!

  • Dive deeper into these highlights and much more by subscribing to our newsletter. We’re constantly exploring the intersection of technology and education to bring you the latest and greatest tools, tips, and strategies. Watch your email for our next issue, which will feature the latest Tech Tidbit about using Brisk Teaching AI.

Your journey to tech integration in education starts here. Embrace the future, and transform your teaching with the insights and resources from our March 2024 Tech Integration Newsletter. Happy teaching!

For more information and to access the full newsletter, visit

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