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Tech Tidbits

Tech Tidbits provide a short (25 minutes or less) presentation about a technology topic, tool, application, or skill that you could turn around and begin using in your classroom, with your staff, or bring efficiency to some of your professional tasks. Each month will have a different presenter and a new topic. Tech Tidbits is offered at two different times, one before school and one after school. Additionally, the sessions will be recorded and made available for those who request them.​

Brisk AI: More Than Just a Refreshing Iced Tea - March 28 - Recording

Jeremy discusses the emergence of AI programs focusing on the educational field, such as Brisk, MagicSchool, and School AI, in contrast to more general AI like Chat GPT and Gemini. Brisk is highlighted as an AI platform designed specifically for educational purposes, offering various tools as a Chrome extension for teachers and students to use for free. The extension allows users to create educational resources like lesson plans, quizzes, presentations, and provides features for giving feedback on student work. It emphasizes the importance of caution when using AI writing detection tools and showcases how Brisk can streamline tasks for educators while offering additional premium features for advanced use. 

Figjamming in the Classroom - February 28 Recording - Presentation Slides - Interactive FigJam

Presented by Sherri Keller, Tech Integrationist at North Branch In this short session, educators will learn how to integrate FigJam, a collaborative digital whiteboarding tool, into their classroom instruction. Participants will explore the various features of FigJam and discover how it can be utilized to enhance student engagement, promote collaborative learning, and facilitate visual brainstorming activities. Practical examples and use cases will be shared to demonstrate the versatility of FigJam in supporting a wide range of teaching and learning objectives. By the end of the session, educators will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively incorporate FigJam into their instructional practices, fostering a more interactive and dynamic learning environment for their students.

Create a Newsletter Template with Google Slides (Recording) - January 30 - (Sample Newsletter Template)

Jeremy shares how you can use Google Slides, a product you are most likely familiar with to create a simple Newsletter that can be a template you modify each week/month.​

Become a Hogwarts Teacher with Magic School AI! (Recording) - November 30 - (Presentation Slides)

Are you ready to embark on a spellbinding journey into the world of educational magic? This is your chance to blend the wonders of Hogwarts with the marvels of modern technology, enhancing your teaching with the enchantment of AI! In this magical session, you'll learn to wield the power of Magic School AI tools, transforming your classroom into an interactive and captivating learning environment. Just like the revered professors of Hogwarts, you'll master the art of creating engaging lessons, personalizing education, and connecting with the wider wizarding community. We'll also delve into the best practices for integrating AI in your lessons, ensuring your teaching remains as human and heartwarming as it is technologically advanced.

What's New Google? Part 1 (Recording) - September 19 - (Presentation Slides)

​Want to find out about some of the latest Google features and updates to take advantage of for your classrooms this school year? Then check out this Tech Tidbit presentation by Jeremy Mikla (ECEMCC - Instructional Tech). Jeremy will share several new features and tips for using Google Slides, Docs, Classroom and Chrome. Because of all the great features, this Tech Tidbit will be offered in 2 parts. Part 1 focuses on Google Slides and Google Docs.

What's New Google? Part 2 (Recording) - September 28 - (Presentation Slides)

Part 2 focuses on updates and features of Google Chrome and Google Classroom.​

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