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Tech Tidbits

Tech Tidbits provide a short (25 minutes or less) presentation about a technology topic, tool, application, or skill that you could turn around and begin using in your classroom, with your staff, or bring efficiency to some of your professional tasks. Each month will have a different presenter and a new topic. Tech Tidbits is offered at two different times, one before school and one after school. Additionally, the sessions will be recorded and made available for those who request them.

Tech Tidbits 2022-2023

  • Digital Life Organization (Recording) - April 26 - (Presentation Slides)

    • Do you have so many tabs open that you don't know where the music is coming from? We have all been there. Organizing your digital world can be overwhelming, especially when we add new documents, ideas, links and more almost every day. In this session, learn strategies you can use today to easily access the websites you need when you need them and how to organize your Google Drive. It is possible!  ​

    • Thank you to Jodi Johnson, Instructional Technology Coordinator - Princeton Public Schools

  • Jam Out With Jamboard (Recording) - March 2 - (Presentation Slides)

    • Jamboard is a fun and easy-to-use collaborative interactive tool that works well on both touchscreen and non-touchscreen devices (works great on Clevertouch panels too!). Jamboard integrates with all your favorite Google Tools! You can use Jamboard in any subject area and at any grade level to create interactive assignments, whole-class collaboration activities, check-in's, exit tickets, morning meetings, virtual gallery walks, and so much more.  

    • Thank you to Brittany Misuraca, Technology Integrationist at Watertown-Mayer Schools for presenting this Tech Tidbit.​

  • Let's Chat about ChatGPT (Recording) - Jan. 24 - (Chat Comments) - (Presentation Slides)

  • Accessing Accessibility (Recording) - Nov. 21 - (Presentation Slides)

    • Thank you to Sherri Keller, Rachelle Weinand, and Melissa Kleschult from North Branch for presenting this Tech Tidbit. They share many great features that are built directly into a Chromebook or in the Chrome Browser which are excellent tools to help students navigate more seamlessly the educational content available to them digitally on their devices. ​

  • Fake News & How to Avoid It (Recording) - Oct. 18 - (Presentation Slides)

    • ​With so many sources of information online, it has become difficult to make sense of what content is based on fact, half-truths or lies. The use of digital platforms to share things we believe to be true when they may not be can have a powerful ripple effect, influencing others to see them as facts. This can be especially dangerous for children and young people who can be persuaded to take on distorted views of the world that could cause them or others harm in the real world. Join this presentation as Jeremy Mikla (ECEMCC - Instructional Tech) offers a strategy to INFORM which, when shared with students, can help avoid the acceptance and spread of Fake News.

  • What's New Google (Recording) - Sept. 14 - (Presentation Slides)

    • ​Want to find out about some of the latest Google features and updates to take advantage of for your classrooms this school year? Then check out this Tech Tidbit presentation by Jeremy Mikla (ECEMCC - Instructional Tech). Jeremy will share 15+ new tips for using Google Slides, Docs, Forms, and Classroom.

Tech Tidbits 2021-2022

2020-2021 (Wednesday Bytes) Presentations

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