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Registration and Breakfast starting at 8 AM

What can K12 Expect from the "Whole-of-State" Cybersecurity Plan and SLCGP

Hear updates on the SLCGP Grant funding, how the Whole-of-State plan will help schools, and other resources from MNIT around Cybersecurity opportunities for schools

Conducting Effective Tabletop Exercises

Learn about what tabletop exercises are, why they are important, and run through some exercises. After this session, you should be able to understand the importance of these exercises and leave prepared with some examples on how to get your school to start doing these exercises

Incident Response - Lessons from the Trenches

Hear about some districts' cautionary tales on what they learned from enacting their incident response plan. What would they do differently? What tips and tricks can they share with the group to make an incident less painful?

The Cyber Insurance Landscape

What is going on in the cyber insurance world regarding school districts? How can you effectively engage your insurance team before an incident? What happens if you prefer to work with a third party incident responder, do they have to be approved by insurance?

Educators' Insights on School Security

Listen in as a panel of district personnel discuss hot-button topics around protecting schools. Where do we go from here?

Wrap up and Prizes 3 PM

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