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August 8, 2023 - Princeton, MN
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Develop Skills & Knowledge

We will provide many technology based sessions that will inspire you for the 2023-2024 school year and beyond. Attendees can expect to have opportunities to earn CEUs for re-licensure required by the state in several areas.

To keep on top of sessions and information about Lake ECMECC 2023 – please watch our Lake ECMECC page.

Present at Lake ECMECC


Join us for Lake ECMECC 2023 by being a Presenter for the 10th Annual Conference. If you have never presented at a conference before, this is a PERFECT place to start!! Share what you know at Lake ECMECC 2023.


This year’s conference is scheduled for Tuesday, August 8, 2023, will take place LIVE and in person at Princeton High School with a virtual option for attendees. Please consider joining us as a presenter! We also LOVE having presenters return each year. So whether you are a seasoned veteran or ready to share a new educational passion or skill, the Lake ECMECC Conference is right for you!

It is time to Make A Ripple – Start a Wave.


Educators of Excellence

Beginning in 2019, ECMECC began the Educators of Excellence awards program, which recognizes the great work of staff in your districts. In two school years, nearly 70 excellent educators have been honored with a framed certificate and gift card. Educators could include teachers, administrators, technology staff, para-professionals, clerical staff, custodians, bus drivers, or whoever you feel best reflects the values described below.

The ECMECC Educators of Excellence Award is given to educators who demonstrate innovative use of technology, strong leadership skills, community building, and positively impacts learning in their district.

  • Innovative use of technology: How did this nominee demonstrate effective use of technology to increase opportunities and accessibility for student learning? Describe how this nominee’s innovation has improved classroom instruction, teacher training and delivery, effective online programming, and other instructional accomplishments. Please limit response to 500 words.

  • Effective Leadership: How did this nominee demonstrate effective leadership in using, or the support of using technology to increase opportunities and accessibility for student learning? Be specific and describe examples to support the nominee’s activities.

  • Building Community: What particular changes have been instituted in the district that have been successful? What process was used to communicate and motivate the community?

  • Impact on Learning: What is the major impact of this nominee’s achievement? How has this work impacted learning within the district? Please cite specific examples and data to support these efforts. 

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