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Technology Staff – PD Scholarships

Technology Staff – Professional Development Scholarships

ECMECC is pleased to announce the availability of up to 17 scholarships, up to $300 each to support professional development activities for technology directors, coordinators, and staff in all ECMECC member schools. Scholarship recipients must have a direct, assigned role in support of technology in the district. The scholarships may be used to pay expenses to attend relevant conferences, workshops, or other professional learning activities or purchase materials or subscriptions that provide relevant professional learning opportunities.

The scholarship will be paid to the district as a reimbursement for actual expenses incurred (or a portion of the actual expenses up to the $300 limit) so all arrangements must be made by the employee/s and their resident district. (ECMECC can NOT pay individuals directly) Districts are responsible for any costs beyond those approved for the scholarship. See details below and use the link provided to complete an online application. Limit one scholarship per staff member. Application and selection of recipients will be made on a rolling basis each school year and continuing until all available funds have been expended. Applying for a scholarship is not a guarantee of receipt. ECMECC may limit the number of scholarships to any individual district and reserves the right to make final decisions on scholarship recipients. Scholarships should not be used to supplant existing local resources but should be used to provide additional opportunities for professional development to tech staff in the district.


What are eligible/ineligible expenses?

Eligible expenses include (but are not limited to) registration fees, subscription costs, mileage, parking, and materials.

Ineligible expenses include (but are not limited to) food, lodging, transportation (other than mileage), equipment, etc.


How to Apply?


  • Please complete the online application. 

  • Complete all required sections of the application including cost detail. 

  • Please use actual costs for items like registration fees, subscriptions, etc. Estimates for mileage and some other expenses are appropriate but note that ECMECC will only reimburse the district for actual costs incurred after the activity.

  • Please include the name of an administrator or other authorized person in your district whom ECMECC will follow up with to arrange reimbursement details. (They should know you applied!!)

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