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PLT Training


PLT Services has recently made the decision to streamline their operations, resulting in a reduction of in-person classes. Consequently, ECMECC will no longer be hosting an in-person PTL Training at our Braham location.

We are pleased to share that PLT Services is committed to providing a virtual alternative to ensure the continuity of professional development opportunities. The virtual class is scheduled for the usual 4th Thursday in February, February 22nd, 2024. PLT Services will also maintain the rotation of different classes to support you in keeping your license up to date.


To register for the virtual class, please visit the PLT Services website at or click on the following link here. It's important to note that the class is listed as ECMECC-Braham, but it will be conducted entirely online, and all registrations will be processed directly through PLT Services.

We sincerely appreciate your past attendance, and while we will miss the opportunity to connect with everyone in person, we remain committed to supporting valuable and accessible professional development opportunities.

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