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Announcing Our April Tech Integration Newsletter!

We are thrilled to unveil the April 2024 issue of our Tech Integration Newsletter! This edition is packed with insights, innovations, and important dates that will excite and inspire educators and tech enthusiasts alike. Click on the image below to open the Newsletter

What's Inside This Issue?

1. Brisk AI: More Than Just a ToolDiscover the power of Brisk AI in enhancing educational productivity. If you missed our live demo with Jeremy in March, it’s not too late to catch up and see all that Brisk can do to make your educational tasks more efficient.

2. Lake ECMECC & Tech TidbitsThe annual Lake ECMECC Conference is coming up on August 6th in Princeton, MN. Don't miss your chance to share your expertise and innovations. Proposals are due by May 31st. Learn more and submit your proposals here.

3. Integrate This! Podcast & Human Intelligence InsightsWith over 50 episodes available, our 'Integrate This!' podcast offers a treasure trove of bite-sized tutorials on a plethora of EdTech tools. This month, we emphasize the importance of keeping humans in the loop with AI, a crucial perspective for responsible tech use.

4. Celebrating Earth Day with First-Five ActivitiesEngage your students from the moment they walk into the classroom with our First-Five activities, now including special Earth Day themed prompts. Sign up at Edtomorrow to start receiving these creative and fun educational kick-starters.

5. Google Classroom Upgrades & Digital CitizenshipLook forward to new features in Google Classroom that make teaching more interactive and insightful. Plus, explore our thoughts on Offline Digital Citizenship and how essential soft skills can support strong online habits.

Dive Deeper

Curious to learn more? Each article in our newsletter includes links to further resources and full videos where you can dive deeper into the topics that interest you the most. We hope this issue brings you new ideas, sparks innovation, and gives you tools to enhance your educational environment.

Thank you for being a part of our community. We look forward to your feedback and contributions as we continue to explore the intersection of technology and education together.

Happy Reading!

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