Risk Assessment Services

ECMECC started our Risk Assessment journey with our membership in 2019 by providing Risk Assessment services to all member districts. In 2022 we started working with other districts across the state.

Our approach focuses on understanding your risks and deploying mitigation strategies that limit your district’s risk exposure, address the requirements of insurance companies and the Minnesota government data practices act, address the “people” aspect of cybersecurity and position you to navigate any incidents that might occur. 

If you want to tackle the issues associated with cybersecurity in a collaborative fashion with other school districts and cybersecurity experts who know how schools work, then join the ECMECC member districts on our journey to lower our cybersecurity risks and strive to keep our student and staff data secure. Associate members don’t simply receive services, they are active participants and integral parts of this process. 

As an associate member for cybersecurity, districts will receive ALL cybersecurity related services that are offered to our full members now and in the future.  Contact us on the form below for more information and pricing!

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