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ECMECC Services

Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities include courses available to students in member high schools. A variety of two-way, real-time, interactive video courses are offered in the areas of world languages, math, the humanities, and various career and technical subjects (including healthcare and automotive technologies)

Network & Information Security

Members and Associate Members are invited to monthly technology coordinator meetings for knowledge sharing, updates on ECMECC activities, professional development, and planning of future projects. Network and Information Security services include: A fiber-based wide area network, shared data center, network security assessments, and much more.

Classroom Technology

Classroom Technology Services offered include interactive video field trips, “Teaching with Today’s Technology” T3 Classes, on-site training sessions, annual Lake ECMECC Conference, MN Partnership for Collaborative Curriculum (MPCC) Membership (digital textbooks), PLT Training, and a technology lending library.


Making great things happen for students

East Central Minnesota Educational Cable Cooperative, also known as ECMECC, includes 39,000 students, 2800 faculty/administrators and 2200 educational support staff from 14 member school districts and Pine Technical and Community College. ECMECC utilizes technology, information and communication tools to expand educational opportunities for students, staff and community members in East Central Minnesota and beyond. ECMECC was founded in 1983 to make great things happen for students. We still do.

Mission Statement

The Mission of ECMECC is to preserve, enhance, and expand learning opportunities: examine and implement appropriate alternative deliveries of education and optimize operational processes through maximization of available and emerging technology. This collaborative and agile process will include the entire educational communities of the member districts.

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Upcoming Events

Where will we meet you next?

Lake ECMECC - No Background (1).png

Join us for Lake ECMECC where you can develop key skills and knowledge necessary for the school year while also growing your network.


August 6th, 2024


Princeton High School

Princeton, MN


Join us for our 7th Annual School Security Summit where you can develop key skills and knowledge necessary for the 2025 school year and beyond while also growing your network. 


January 8th, 2025


Braham Event Center

Braham, MN

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