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Dive into the September Edition of ECMECC’s Tech Integration Newsletter:

Hello, Educators and Tech Enthusiasts! The ECMECC Tech Integration September Newsletter is out, and it is bursting with valuable content that you won't want to miss. From wrap-ups of our previous events to upcoming features and resources, this newsletter is your gateway to elevating your teaching and tech skills.

Click on the Image to open the Newsletter

A Look Back at the 10th Annual Lake ECMECC Conference

First of all, a big shoutout to everyone who attended our 10th Annual Lake ECMECC Conference in Princeton this summer! It was a fabulous day filled with learning, collaboration, and some truly "Off the Charts" ignite speakers. Missed it? Don’t fret! Catch up on what went down by visiting Lake ECMECC.

Jeremy’s Tech Tidbits: Keeping Up with Google

Google never sleeps, and neither should you when it comes to tech integration! Jeremy’s Tech Tidbits are back this month, featuring the latest updates and features from Google:

  • Sept. 19: Google Slides & Docs

  • Sept. 28: Google Classroom & Chrome Browser

Don’t miss out on these nuggets of knowledge; register for the live presentation or request the recording here.

AI in the Classroom: No Overlords, Just Aides!

Contrary to popular dystopian fantasies, AI is not taking over the classroom—yet. However, Artificial Intelligence is proving to be an effective tool for enhancing instructional practices. Check out the Newsletter for ideas to get started working WITH AI in your classroom

Accessibility 101: Large Cursors on Chromebooks

Chromebooks have become a staple in classrooms, and they offer a variety of built-in accessibility features. The large cursor/arrow is one such feature that not only helps those of us with age-related vision concerns but also proves to be a useful tool for students with vision or motor issues.

Beware of Scams: Federal Student Loan Repayment

The Federal Student Loan Pause is ending, and scammers are on the prowl. Always remember: you NEVER need to pay to sign up for government student loan debt relief programs. Click here to learn more about how to recognize such scams.

Virtual Field Trips: Inspire Learning from the Comfort of the Classroom

Physical barriers shouldn't limit education. Virtual Field Trips are an innovative way to expose students to new experiences. With partners like CILC and programs like Exploring By The Seat of Your Pants, there are countless opportunities to enrich your curriculum. Many of these programs are either free or offer ECMECC funding.


Your next step? Make sure to dive into the full September newsletter for even more gems. Technology in education is an ever-changing landscape, and the ECMECC Tech Integration Newsletter is your map. Don't get left behind—stay in the loop and empower your instructional practice today!

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