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Discover November's Innovations in Tech Integration Newsletter - Dive into SEL, AI, Google Updates,

Hello Tech Aficionados and Education Professionals!

We are delighted to present the November 2023 edition of our Tech Integration Newsletter, packed with cutting-edge insights and educational technology trends.

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Blending Technology with Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

This month, we spotlight Braham Area Elementary School's innovative "Bomber Bands" program. It integrates wearable technology, such as heart rate monitors, into SEL curricula, helping students become more attuned to their physical and emotional wellbeing. Learn how these tools are transforming the classroom experience.

Demystifying AI in Education

Ever wondered how AI learns and evolves? Our newsletter delves into the world of machine learning, offering practical lesson plans and hands-on applications like Quick Draw! and AutoDraw. These resources are perfect for introducing AI concepts to students across various grade levels.

Latest Google Updates and Alternatives

With Google phasing out Jamboard in 2024, we explore new alternatives for collaborative work, including Google Slides' "Live Pointer" feature and FigJam. These tools offer exciting ways for students to collaborate and engage in creative projects.

Tech Potpourri: A Mix of Helpful Tech Tips

Our section 'Tech Potpourri' features an assortment of tech finds, including Google’s Interview Warm Up tool, Math Solver, and the LIFE Tags project. Plus, learn about proper email etiquette with our "Captain Communicator" video lesson and helpful poster.

Get Involved!

Dive into these topics and more in our latest newsletter. Your input makes our tech community stronger, so please share your thoughts or recommendations at If you'd like to directly subscribe to future newsletters, complete this form.

Thank you for joining us on this journey to integrate technology into our educational practices. Let's continue to innovate and inspire together!

Happy Exploring!

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