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December 2023 Tech Integration Newsletter: A Festive Blend of AI, EdTech Updates, and Creative Learn

Season's Greetings, Educators and Tech Enthusiasts!

As we wrap up the year, we're excited to bring you the December 2023 edition of our Tech Integration Newsletter, filled with educational technology insights and festive cheer.

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Introducing "Integrate This! EdTech Podcast"

We're kicking things off with our brand new "Integrate This! EdTech Podcast." Join us every two weeks as we explore the latest in technology tools, tips, and trends. Our first episodes dive into ChatGPT 4's image capabilities and how to create your own GPT's in ChatGPT 4 – a must-listen for innovative educators!

Hour of Code: AI Edition

Celebrate the Hour of Code from December 4-10 with a special AI edition. We've curated activities and videos to introduce computer science and AI concepts in an engaging and accessible way. Don't miss the opportunity to create a virtual dance party with your students featuring today's top artists!

Virtual Field Trip Resources

Travel the world from your classroom with our virtual field trip resources. These trips provide diverse learning experiences and bring real-world context to your lessons. Discover how to make these connections and enhance your curriculum with interactive video conferencing.

Spotlight on AI Tools

This month, we highlight several AI tools to add to your tech arsenal. From "Magic School AI" for creating immersive learning experiences to "My Lens AI" for timeline creation, these tools are designed to foster creativity and critical thinking in your students.

Managing Digital Clutter: The Impact of Too Many Open Tabs

Does your browser resemble a crowded tab mess? Learn how to manage your digital workspace efficiently with our tips and tricks. We recommend trying the browser extension 'Toby' for organizing your tabs and enhancing your online productivity.

Stocking Stuffers: Tech Treats and Surprises

Don't miss the 'Stocking Stuffers' section for a collection of tech goodies. From educational games like Moose Mission to the iconic Oregon Trail, there's something for everyone to enjoy and integrate into their teaching.

We invite you to explore these topics and more in our full newsletter. Your feedback and engagement are what drive our community forward, so please share your thoughts or any tech tool recommendations at

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a tech-filled new year!

Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!

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