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ECMECC Facilitator Duties

ECMECC facilitators are generally responsible for the “fixed” ITV room/s in a district. The duties of the ECMECC facilitator are essential for the success of the ITV program in a school. Facilitators have the following responsibilities.

  1. Deliver mail/fax correspondence to the ITV classroom/s and mail/fax materials back to teachers EACH DAY.

  2. Provide support, as needed, to the ITV teacher/s in your school.

  3. Serve as the local contact for all ECMECC related activities.

  4. Provide general technical support to teachers and classes using the ITV rooms.

  5. Communicate with the ECMECC offices when needed to report technical issues, changes in school schedules and other issues that may arise.

  6. Assist after school and evening system users as identified below.


The ECMECC ITV rooms may be used after school and during the evening for meetings, classes and other activities. As paid ECMECC staff persons, facilitators have an ESSENTIAL responsibility to help ensure the success of these activities. Facilitators are expected to be present at the start of any meetings, classes or functions that utilize the ITV equipment. If a facilitator cannot be present, they must arrange for a suitable substitute to be present. Following are guidelines for this responsibility.

  1. Single session events – Facilitators should be present 10 minutes before a scheduled event to set up the room. Connections to sites will generally be made automatically. Facilitators should help one of the event participants understand how to control volume and camera settings. Facilitators should observe the event for at least 10 minutes to ensure that there are no issues.

  2. Multiple session events – Facilitators should be present 10 minutes before the scheduled event for the first two sessions. The facilitator should work with one or more of the participants to be responsible for equipment at subsequent sessions and should provide contact information to the participants in the event of issues at a later session.

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