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Newsela and iCivics Combine to Help Teach Mid-Terms

Fall is definitely upon us. Leaves changing, getting dark earlier, Halloween Costumes in all the stores, and Campaign ads flooding the television, streaming services, newspapers, and mailers. Sorting through all the rhetoric is definitely a chore, but an important skill on the path to becoming an informed and engaged citizen. It can be difficult for teachers, who are already overwhelmed with the daily tasks of their jobs, to present content-rich and skill-based, hands-on curriculum to help their students learn about the importance of civic education.

Newsela and iCivics recognize this and have combined forces to create FREE lessons for teachers to use. Topics of these lessons include:

  • Intro to Midterm Elections

  • Races and Candidates to Watch

  • Economy Issues Spotlight

  • Voting Rights Issues Spotlight

  • Education Issues Spotlight

  • Reproductive Rights Issues Spotlight

The lessons are paced at one per week, and started 2 weeks ago, but no worries, the lessons are saved and will remain free until the end of November. Each Lesson has video and reading content, using Newsela's Lexiled Reading levels and have questions gauged for understanding as well as application and analysis. Lessons have a few different options for teachers to choose from because they know what will engage their students best.

Check out the Lessons on Newsela:

If you are still reading and this stuff piques your interest, there is also a webinar on October 18 from 3:00 - 4:00 called Cut Through the Noise: Teaching Students Media Literacy that you may be interested. You can click here to Register.

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