ECMECC E-Rate Support

The FY20167 application filing window is open and remains open until 11:59:59 (EDT) May 11th. Last effective day to file a 470 form is April 112th, 2017 but please complete them as soon as possible. 

Form 470 requests for service may be completed at any time. You do NOT need to wait for the filing window to open. You always need to wait at least 28 days from the date of filing the 470 before you may select a vendor and sign a contract. 

The new E-rate Productivity Center (EPC) is where all forms will be filed this year. When each district enters their free/reduced lunch information, it becomes available to any consortia that the district is part of. It is important that districts enter this information as quickly as possible to allow all relevant applications to be completed. Please use the 2015-2016 data below for free/reduced lunch numbers. This is the most accurate data available as of the opening of the FY2017 window.

So... below are spreadsheets that include all of the information you will need for you schools when completing your 471 form.

2015 Training Video - https://youtu.be/avst0CZW0dk 

2014 Training Information

A Statewide E-Rate training was conducted on November 12th, 2014 by Mary Mehsikomer of TIES.  The video and slides and other information from the training are below:

Comprehensive (100 minute) Training video

2015 E-rate Modernization Changes (15 minute)

We will try to provide important information here on this page.  Please call the EMCECC offices if you have questions or need assistance (320) 396-3674

You may file any Forms 470 (request for services) now.  You must meet the 28 day waiting period before you can complete a Form 471

When completing your Form 471 applications, you should use free and reduced lunch numbers using one of the following methods:
  1. Follow the numbers from the MDE certified lists provided here.  This is 2015-2016 Special Populations data for ECMECC schools only (under "schools tab") If you need additional information, use the link further below.  It can be used for filling out current year E-Rate applications.  The data can be verified by MDE and is the preferred method.
  2. Alternatively, you can use the data that your food service department or MARRS coordinator provided to MDE for the most recent edit or revision of the 14-15 numbers.  This data is a bit more difficult to verify, but it can be done if that is the information you had at the time.

Links that may be useful:

Old Data for use in verifying number from previous years or using for PIA inquiries:

13-14 Special Population Data