ISTE 2014 -- ITEM 2014

Create and use standards-based open educational resources for math and science

Follow the links on this handout for a tour through the history of our projects, development processes, review, implementation strategies and samples.

Access math and science curriculum developed by ECMECC for grades 6, 7 and 8 . Available in CK-12 Flexbook format as well as pdf and epub.

Home page for the MPCC, a grassroots collaborative of over 150 Minnesota school districts representing over 500,000 students currently developing digital courses for grades 3 through 12 in math, science, social studies and English/language arts. Check each of the tabs on the page for more information about this teacher and school driven project.

A collection of OER resources first created by Karen Fasimpaur (Arizona) and further edited by Jon Larson, ECMECC Technology Integration Coach.

The platform used by ECMECC, Anoka-Hennepin schools and others in Minnesota and around the county for math and science electronic textbook development. The site content is cross-platform, works with mobile devices and offers the opportunity to download the e-texts in multiple formats including pdf and epub.

Anoka-Hennepin Schools Stats & Probability and Intermediate Algebra Curriculum (Examples)
Examples of math courses developed by one of Minnesota's largest school districts.